7 Tips on How to Enjoy Giving Head

If you ever thought about or had sexual intercourse, chances are you probably have come across the taboo subject of giving head. Getting brain, face, carpet munching, sloppy toppy, and 3rd base are just some of the terms used to define cunnilingus, fellatios, and anilingus. This involves your mouth kissing, licking or sucking the genital organs of someone which can lead to intense pleasure including orgasm. While it can be considered the most cherished act of love, for some, it is a dreaded chore that no amount of money can make better. Read on to discover 7 ways to make it more enjoyable. 

1. PreStart But Don’t Finish...

No matter how much you proclaim to like giving oral, sometimes things can take a little longer than expected to get to the grand finale. For various reasons, your mouth may become exhausted way before the mission is complete. Nothing is worse than the feeling of time dragging on with no end in sight. Instead of the goal being to make the other person finish, use oral sex as a warm-up before other actions or toss it in between for a spicy twist. 

2. Ask Partner to Freshen Up 

Strong smells and tastes can be a turnoff. Rather than grin and bear it, kindly communicate to your partner ways to improve their taste. Depending on the cause of the odor, certain measures can be taken to help. 

  • Natural body orders can be cleared up with a nice shower. Stay away from the heavily scented soaps, douches, and other genital no-no’s. 
  • A person's pH balance can be thrown off and cause genital fluids to taste acidic. A diet high in processed foods, dairy, sugars, etc. may result in acidic tasting genital fluids. You ever sucked on a battery? It is important to watch what goes inside your body as well as on top. 
  • Fishy or yeast-like smells, green, cloudy or other unusual discharges and odors can be a sign of a possible STI/STD. Professional medical treatment is needed for further assistance with this.

3. Don’t Swallow

Totally taking everything in and enjoying the warm liquids from the excitement can be an absolute turn on. However, there is no rule that you must swallow discharges. Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to not want sexual fluids directly deposited, sprayed, or squirted into your mouth or on your body. That should be a personal preference up to the giver of head. Before going downtown, communicate with your partner what you would like to avoid possible negative feelings from spitting or feeling like you have to swallow. 


4. Tell Your Partner You Are Just Not Into It

Sexual norms are made up of social constructs that can have either positive or negative connotations attached often shaped by culture. Remember they are just that, MADE UP! If giving french kisses down below is not your cup of tea, then do not do it. There is nothing wrong with saying no for whatever reason. 


5. Let Go of Myths

You can make anyone believe something if you repeat it enough. There are so many outrageous myths associated with oral sex it’s absurd. Let’s debunk the following 5:

  • “Only for homosexuals” - Oral of any type like cunnilingus, fellatios, and anilingus can be done no matter the sexual orientation. To many, doing this can be seen as the ultimate act of intimacy. Oral sex is not limited to certain types of couples. If you have a mouth, and your partner has genitals, put them in your mouth by all means.
  • “Not hygienic” - The human body houses trillions of bacteria doing their part to keep the body functioning. As long as the person has good hygiene practices and is clear of outbreaks, a little tongue action will not harm you. 
  • “Won’t make you orgasm” - This actually can be true. But, if done to the liking of the receiver, oral stimulation can provide some of the most pleasurable feelings leading to intense orgasms. 
  • “Not real sex” - Sexual intercourse can be defined differently depending on who you’re speaking to. If oral is sex for you then it is considered sex. 
  • “It’s Degrading”- If your partner enjoys it, and you have a desire to fulfill this want, why then do negative thoughts turn you away from doing it? It does not make you less of any gender to give head. How you feel before, during or after providing oral sometimes may be tied with religious beliefs or negative social constructs subconsciously ingrained. It is a good idea to recognize this cognitive dissonance when it happens and look for ways to lessen it. Take some time to do your research and/or have your own experience before writing off the topic completely. 

6. You Don’t Have to Deep-Throat

Having a penis touch the back of your throat is not the ultimate sign you are gifted with giving blow jobs. To be honest, deep-throating may not feel the best depending on who is performing and is hard for many to do. If an object touches the roof of your mouth, the back of your tongue, the area around your tonsils, or the back of your throat it may signal the gag reflex. This natural occurrence can be uncomfortable and off-putting during sex. Instead of trying to take it all in, use different techniques with your hands, voice and licking motions to set things off.


7. Make Sure The Favor Is Returned

Females are sexual beings too. Females are sexual beings too. No, that second sentence was not a typo. Just in case you were told otherwise, females are sexual beings too. It is believed in many heterosexual cultures that females were put on this earth solely to be a pleaser and they do not expect nor desire anything in return. No matter the sex, receiving head can and should be enjoyed by anybody who participates. If you feel jaded from constantly giving but not getting the same in return, speak up! If you get any response other than a reciprocal one, you have the power to decide to stop unless actions are mutual. From experience, the best sexual interaction is when both feel equally satisfied. 

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