Who is Femi Toys?

Hi! It's Chamaine and Joanna here, life partners and founders of Femi Toys. We are an online based adult novelties store with a dedicated staff providing the absolute best quality adult toys. 

Our core value centers around empowerment of exploration. Exploration of sexual well being, pleasure and freedom of expression are all vital components of empowerment. We are knowledgeable about human diversity and the prejudices currently facing the LGBTQ community. We believe the freedom to be who you are should exist online as well. At Femi Toys you won't find a "For Her" or " For Him" section on this site as we try our best to limit gender strict descriptions and labels associated with sex toys. If you think a toy will be useful and pleasurable to you, try it!

We Don't Just Sell Anything!

Sure, there are hundreds of other adult novelties stores to purchase from online. But how many of those sites truly care about your health? We provide you with  body-safe novelties such as silicone, wood, glass, and more. Our staff diligently sources and handpicks the quality items available on FemiToys.com

The sex toy industry is unregulated, which means a lot of items currently on the market that are being offered by top retailers are toxic and pose a health risk. Yes they are cheap, but how much is your health worth? Through experience and researched knowledge of available toy materials, we thoroughly vet listed items on our site to determine quality and safety level. Considering the industry is so unregulated, some information can be withheld or mislabeled. However, we work diligently here at Femi Toys to stay up to date on new information concerning manufacturers and safety of materials in toys. With that expanding knowledge comes changes in our inventories as we see fit with you in mind. Currently we are working on expanding our inventory and sourcing top notch items that we would feel safe to use ourselves.

What is truly Body Safe?

For Femi Toys, body safe novelty items are both non porous and phthalate free. We do not knowingly sell items containing or labeled as the following: 

Phthalates, Rubber, PVC, Vinyl, Cyberskin, UR3, Jelly and TPR/TPE. 

Research on any of these listed above will reveal shocking information about health concerns like allergic reactions, gas releases, cancer risks, etc. 


Our goals are to provide an ultimate customer experience. Here at Femi Toys we want a user friendly experience that includes easy navigation with helpful information and descriptions concerning adult novelty items we offer. We strive to offer only the best, non toxic body-safe and phthalate free toys currently available in the industry. Being female partner owned and operated, as we continue to grow we plan to help the LGBTQ organizations that are committed to the empowerment of this community.

We hope we answered some of the questions you may have had concerning who Femi Toys is. We are a business that cares about you! If you want to know more, feel free to contact us at customerservice@femitoys.com. We are happy to listen and answer any questions/inputs you may have concerning Femi Toys.


      Have Fun Exploring!