How to Masturbate for Any Body - Top 3 Universal Tips

Masturbation can be an embarrassing subject to talk about. For some it is considered dirty, a sin, causes health issues, and this mythical list goes on. The reality is masturbation is a normal healthy activity that can help you learn about your body, improves you physically, emotionally and also improves sex with a partner. Read on as Femi Toys breaks down the basics of masturbation, how to do it, and why it isn’t a taboo. 


Masturbation is defined as the self-stimulation of one’s genitals which can result in orgasm and achieved by either or a combination of manual stimulation, instrument manipulation, or sexual fantasies. 


To expand on the previous definition given, anyone with AND without genitals can participate in the act of masturbation. For some, their genital organs may not be accessible due to being removed, injured, or having lower body paralysis. In these instances, the brain can rewire itself and produce similar orgasmic experiences from stimulating other body parts like the arm, nipples, leg, etc. Some people masturbate daily, multiple times a day, once a month, every 2nd Tuesday, or never. When and how often you choose to masturbate is a personal choice. A common misconception about masturbation is that it is only for those that are single. The truth is both single and persons in a relationship masturbate.


There are many proven benefits to masturbating on top of being a fun way to pass the time. It can boost your mood and energy from all the endorphins released during, sending you on a drug-like high. Naturally occurring chemicals such as dopamine which is associated with pleasure, attention, mood, and motivation. Prolactin is responsible for feeling satisfied sexually. You also get serotonin which helps regulate mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire and function. For those with a prostate, researchers at England's University of Nottingham suggested masturbation with ejaculation releases toxins to help prevent prostate cancer. The same can be said for those with a cervix as masturbation opens the cervix allowing bad bacteria to be flushed out. Masturbating can also help with having better partner sex. Trying different positions, techniques, and becoming familiar with your hot spots on your own enables you to guide a partner on how to better please you. 


How fancy you want to get when it comes to pleasing yourself is totally up to you. Some prefer to go all out with candles, oils, music, etc. Yes, you can seduce yourself. Others just need a clean hand and a secluded space to get down to business. Do what works for you. At Femi Toys, we suggest the following basics to have a good session.

  • Make sure you’re relaxed. So if you need to light candles, and play 90’s R&B music to feel comfortable, by all means, set the scene!
  • Use a good lubricant to help keep things nice and slick. Not all lubes are created equal. You want to use one that does not include toxic chemicals or irritants that can cause harm or irritation. 
  • Your hands can do a lot when it comes to pleasing yourself. Make sure to wash your hands before starting anything. Bacteria and dirt gets trapped under nails and can infect your sensitive areas if your tools are not clean. Short nails or a finger glove are better choices to ensure you don’t cut or tear the sensitive genital area. 
  • Try a toy to help with reaching an orgasm. There are a plethora of adult sex toys available to purchase. If this is your first time using a toy, little ones like a bullet can help you get accustomed to a vibrating sensation.


  1. Try different positions. Doing the same thing can get boring fast. If you like to lay down, try standing, or face down. Having your face down with butt in the air creates more blood flow and pressure on your genitals. Making all the movements more intense and pleasurable.
  2. Use your non-dominant hand. Doing this may create the feeling of being touched by someone else. Feel free to use both hands to stimulate two spots at once to also create the partner feeling.
  3. Touch and tease the non-genital parts of your body. Pinching your nipples, rubbing a feather against your neck, tugging at your ear, etcetera. This can help you learn new techniques to satisfy yourself in the future.

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